Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Duck Boots

I haven't really needed boots that deal with craaaazy weather since my move to California almost 6 years ago, but now that I'm up north, I'm feeling like I might need some extra warmth when I battle the elements. My Wellies are grand, but as I learned last New Year's in Massachusetts, they just don't cut it when it comes to warmth. Clearly, SF will never be anywhere near that chilly, but a little insulation never hurt anyone, particularly when I take into account the fact that I'll be in NY/NJ for a full month this holiday season.

When I saw these shearling-lined Duck Boots Sperry made for JCrew on Camp Comfort, hearts appeared in my eyes. Christmas list for sure.


1 comment:

Princess Cupcake said...

Oh D you will totally ROCK these!
Damn J-Crew and their holiday catalog... it will be the death of me this winter :)