Friday, January 22, 2010

Tilted World

Sunset over Hollywood Blvd.
Thanks to the adorable blog that is Old Sweet Song, I am now incredibly addicted to the iphone app, Tilt Shift Generator. You can affect any photo by shifting levels of saturation, brightness, etc. and point of focus. Above photo taken on iPhone from my office window. LOVE it.

xo Haley

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

365 update: 2 week mark

After a month in New Jersey (and SEVERAL bagels later), it's time to return to the west coast. Tomorrow I fly back to California, after my longest east coast stint since my departure 6 years ago. So while I upload my old Mary Lou Lord CD to my Itunes (a college favorite) and wait for my laundry to complete, here are some of my 365 photos so far. We're about 2 weeks in already, which seems insane.





It's only been 15 days...should be an interesting year.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brooklyn Flea

This Sunday, to mark the final weekend of my east coast vacation, my Brooklyn bestie Sara and I hit up the Brooklyn Flea, which is currently taking up residence at the beautiful and historic One Hanson in Fort Greene. It was once a bank but now functions as a rentable event hall.

Brooklyn Flea Market

So much taxidermy! It's to Brooklyn what mustaches were to SF's Renegade Craft Fair.

There were about as many taxidermied heads and antlers as there were mustaches at last month's SF Renegade Craft Fair.


Brooklyn Flea Market

Manhattan Beverages

Target prints. Why do we think they're so awesome?

Sara and I loved all these animal target prints, creepy though their undertones may be. This vendor had so many amazing prints; too bad I've pretty much wallpapered the apartment with prints as it is.

I bought a lovely necklace from Baubles and Thorn, by designer Elma Blint. Photo to come, but suffice to say it was very much along the lines of the rest of her pieces; simple and understated in an eye-catching way.

I also snagged a piece from Brooklyn-based Loyalty and Blood. I didn't see the one I bought on their website, so I'll have to photo that one too! There was another necklace that I wanted but didn't buy and am now pining for, though... and it WAS on the site.

I think I might have to go for it after the fact.

Between my two scores and Sara's 2 necklaces and amazing vintage coat, we made out like bandits. I especially loved her Jessica De Carlo necklace (excuse the sad, sad blurriness)...doesn't it remind you of the one For Me, For You's Kate's bf got her?

Sara J's find, Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea was awesome, but I'm actually kind of glad to be heading across the country for awhile- that place could get dangerous! It's a good thing they didn't have the heat on in the giant, concrete-floored building, or we might never have left.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aspen tree totes have arrived!

The Aspen Trees are here!
the new Aspen Tree tote from Enchanted Royals!
Haley models the new goods

Actually, they arrived a few weeks ago, but I was waiting for miss Haley to send me a photo of her modeling it (cleaaaarly worth the wait!) in true Los Angeles fashion. We've received a such a nice response so far- thank you!

Available here in the shop.

Monday, January 4, 2010

365 project

Taking a cue from Anabela of Fieldguided and several other like-minded photographers, I've decided to start a set on Flickr where I include one photo per day for the year of 2010. I think it will be a good way to force myself to take pictures on those days I wouldn't normally deem "document-worthy," and will make for something interesting to look back on when 2010 comes to a close. There's also been talk of taking a self-portrait once a week, but we'll see if I go that far. Here are my first 4 photos:


If you'd like to keep up with me, you can find my "365" project here. If you're doing one, let me know so I can follow you!


Coveting boots

It's happened: the perfect short, flat black boot has been found.

I've hunted and hunted through my bookmarks to find the blog I saw these on last night, but I can't find it again. I do remember that they credited Jane of Ill Seen, Ill Said with the initial find.

At any rate, here they are: the perfect boots, courtesy of Sigerson Morrison. I will now proceed to stare at them until they magically become $350 cheaper.


Ring a ling

A great many of our friends have been announcing their engagements in the past few months. I myself, being halfway through my first year of grad school and living across the state from my man of choice whilst I partake in said schooling, am nowhere near ready for that sort of thing, but when Joanna Goddard's post about her wedding rings led me to their designer, Blanca Monros Gomez's, website, I thought I really had to share them, because they're great.