Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lovely addendum

I hadn't realized that the aforementioned wedding had also already happened. So, yeah. Take a gander.

Lovely lovely

Beautiful self-designed wedding invitations by Cheri of Scout Holiday and her fiancee, David.

la la la.....

RE: this previous post, I did indeed order the blue floral version.

(don't even know what to say about the quality of that pic...yuckus)
I might even like it more than the plaid I originally bought! This is the perfect dress, for serious. In other news, the other 2 pieces I bought to supplement my free shipping.....either a) I'm gaining the freshman 15 in grad school rather than undergrad (makes sense; my metabolism ain't what she used to be) b) their clothes are now meant for 14 year olds with 21 inch waists c)all of the above. Luckily, this little guy fit.

Madewell FAIL

I just don't understand why there isn't a Madewell in San Francisco. Don't get me wrong; my wallet is thrilled. But it just seems like every single look is screaming SF to me. It's also clearly screaming "buy me, Dara," so it's probably all for the best. But what gives??

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Steven Alan Spring/Summer 2010

Steven Alan Spring 2010 from Steven Alan on Vimeo.

Between this and the lovely Toast film and a host of others, it seems as though 2 years precisely after we first debuted our Enchanted vids, the fashionista short films are rollllllling in. Not that we started a trend; I'm fairly certain HT and I aren't on Steven Alan's radar; but synchronicity is uncanny.
On that note, the above Steven Alan short is beautiful.


REALLY, Opening Ceremony? This shoe, which I specifically pointed out back when they first appeared, is now on sale and the only size left is MY SIZE? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!!

When Where the Wild Things Are collaborations go horribly awry.

So...but like....I mean.......

"just making sure I'm coming too"

This photo by Kate of For Me, For You, who also just moved, is so right on in terms of cat behavior. Since moving in, my roommates' matching black and white cats, Moby and Modelo (neither of my roommates had met before we moved in; needless to say the cats aren't related- crazy!) have been acting all kinds of strange. Lots of skittish running around/away from people, hiding in weird places, and generally expressing the trauma they are clearly going through. Everything we humans sort of feel in a new place but don't really focus on, cats, like, FOCUS ON.

Friday, September 25, 2009

color me inspired

Oooookay, Haley and I are being super prolific bloggers today (has NOTHING to do with homework procrastination, nosiree......)

But seriously, WHAT ARE THESE?!

(Rune Guneriussen via Pink Shirts and Car Wrecks)

Penny for your thoughts's wrong to buy 2 of the same dress in different prints, particularly when you're a poor graduate student, right?
Here's the situation:
Bought this dress yesterday; my first purchase in SF (of course it was at Urban Outfitters...whatever, I don't want to talk about it). It fits great; it's the perfect fall dress. However, they only had this pattern. So when I, like the schmuck I am, went to the website today and saw these other two patterns, I started to feel like I needed another one. It's not every day you find a perfect, easy, casual dress!

So, in a world where it wouldn't be totally wrong and silly to do this, which pattern should I get? I'm leaning towards the blue floral, but the green's pretty great, too.

Where the Wild Things Are pop-up store

I was looking at my friend Megan's always inspiring Flickr page when I came across photos of the "Where the Wild Things Are" pop-up store at Space 1520 in Hollywood.

(Megan Curran)

I had to know more, so I dug around the Kitsune Noir blog and found even more crazy awesome pics!

Crazy stuff. I can only hope it will still be standing when I make my first visit back Columbus Day weekend....but they always have amazing stuff over there. DEFINITELY check it out if you can! Kitsune Noir side note; I love this Jack Spade tote they have posted up there. LOVE.


Summer Love

{Photos by Jose Villa on Design Sponge}

These images sure do make me miss Summertime...
Or perhaps just another camping trip, at a lake, with a rope swing
since it'll still be warm weather here for at least another month : )


Kind of Awesome

I'm wondering if I could pull this off, because I may just be the happiest lady ever wearing one of these Cupcake BEANIES once temps cool off around here. Yeah, I'll be the girl w/ the sprinkles and cherry on top... of my head!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crafty Lady

Quilted sculptures by K8iwampus.

Orange Holiday Social

Penny and Justin paint
m'ladies painting
Justin's axe
Robin silhouette

The Orange Holiday Social, Subterranean Country Club's first fundraising event, went off without a hitch- better than expected, in fact. We camped in a beautiful, mountainous park near Monterey, and our fearless leaders provided us with all the tools for a great time- autumn soup with vegan bread, pesto quesadillas, wondrous live bluegrass, awesome original psychedelic video projections on a handmade screen, and copious murals to paint on. I'm so glad to have been a part of it and can't wait for future events! (It goes without saying that it was extra special because I got to see my very much missed LA gang- Mr. C in particular!)

(pssst...plenty more photos on my flickr)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Decorating is a sickness.

My new shower curtain. (Note: we already have a perfectly good Target shower curtain that we bought 1 week ago.)
(Unica Home)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lift it Out

Chris and Adrian, the mandolin player for Son Ark, have collaborated on a song for Chris's newest side project, Double Dad Hand Storm. Adrian's the mastermind behind the song as well as the singer, and Chris produced and made all those crazy amazing sounds. Click here to have a listen. I think they're pretty fantastic- clearly- but this song really blew my mind. ESPECIALLY the swelling harmonies at the end. A little bit Bon Iver, a little bit ambient insanity. Hope you enjoy....