Monday, December 21, 2009

The Beatles USB Stick

Today, my cousin pulled out a small, dense, acid green apple with the Beatles logo imprinted on it. He pulled a USB flash drive out of it by the stem, connected it to my computer, and proceeded to upload remastered versions of every Beatles album in 2 high definition formats, remastered album artwork, and several short documentaries to my hard drive.

What floored me the most was that this amazing little piece of packaging, which holds so much Beatles joy, was manufactured in such small quantities- about 30,000 were made. Also, apparently nary a quality product shot was taken.

Apparently there are 13 available on Amazon, so throw it on the last-minute Christmas list if you'd like- or be very, very nice to me. Although all I can offer are the files, and the apple itself as a specimen of fine packaging is really half the charm.


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