Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Chris is in two bands, Son Ark and Coyote (pronounced "kai-yoat"). It's sort of a musical collective; everyone in Coyote except the drummer is also in Son Ark. Son Ark is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Robin Harris (the guy that's always all the way to the left in the photos below) and Coyote is Jessi Williams' baby (she's the tiny little cutie in the floral dress). Both bands are amazing indie rock with very strong country/bluegrass undertones. I love both these bands so much, and felt so lucky to be "obligated" to go to several shows per month when I lived in LA, because it was like getting to see your favorite bands play for free over and over.

These promo pics for Coyote that were taken a few weeks ago by Nikola Dupkanic are really beautiful/funny, no?

Find Coyote here, and Son Ark here. The music on Son Ark's myspace page is all live because they're allllllmost done with their album, but here's a sneak peek: click here for a great recorded version of one of their first songs, Gone Grave Diggin'.


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