Tuesday, June 29, 2010

....and you may ask yourself.....

This weekend was inordinately milestone-y. I came to New Jersey to be in the wedding of one of my very besties from high school, Karima, and kept the party rolling right through Sunday with a visit to another high school bestie, Jeff's, days-old baby boy, Isaac.

beautiful wedding cake that matched the letterpressed invitations and centerpieces, which featured a card with a different story about Karima and Jack at every table.

With the exception of our one pair of high-school-sweetheart friends who got married right after college and immediately proceeded to have 2 adorable baby girls, it was the first of my close high school friends to get married with a full-on ceremony and reception, and the first to have a baby. This being the 10-year anniversary of our graduation, I guess these events shouldn't have been so mindblowing to me, but mindblowing they were. Quite an amazing weekend.


Sunday, June 20, 2010


Ah, summertime. When a young woman's fancy turns to....shoes.

Up in SF, I generally spend an eighteenth of the energy I once did pondering my wardrobe; partially because I no longer belong to a career that focuses on clothing, and partially because as a student, I can't afford to buy clothes. However, the minute I arrived back in LA, it became obvious that I needed- no, NEEDED- new shoes.

And not just any shoes. Despite the fact that I found the perfect grey canvas oxfords just the other day (pictured below; from Generic Surplus), which would be light enough to work in the summertime but sturdy enough to carry me through the pseudo-seasons of SF's fall, winter and spring, being in LA for the summer has made me susceptible only to sandals and espadrilles.

JCrew, of course, wily wench that it be, has some flat espadrilles (let us remember my complete and total aversion towards heels) that are calling my name. I'm having trouble hypothetically deciding if I prefer the black, which are classic, or the nude, because this particular summer I seem to be into shoes that give the first blush appearance that I'm not wearing shoes.

I also love these flat Rachel Comey sandals and United Bamboo heels at Gargyle. The former is perfect for the day job I've returned to, and the latter would be to practice being a lady in. I'd obviously wear books on my head when doing so.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily Drop Cap

Very rare is what these blog postings have been of late, that I know. We're working on some awesome updates that I think will make it all worth it! In particular, scoring and final editing/effects on our newest short film is in full swing and hurtling forward at exciting and dare-I-say impressive speeds. We're bursting to share it with you, but all in due time!
In the meantime...I know that most everyone who cares about this sort of thing already knows and loves Jessica Hische (I've even mentioned her briefly right here), but I love her Daily Drop Cap project, in which she posts a new, beautifully rendered drop cap every work day. I couldn't resist sharing this particular one. Probably the Duchess in me, loving those branches. All the work she's been doing lately is great, though. Even if you aren't a typography nerd, it's definitely worth having a look at her site...some of the work she's been doing for magazines like Entertainment Weekly, The Wall St. Journal, Bust and People is just insane.