Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh, hi.

I'm taking my last final tomorrow at 12, and then this blog will be up and running again for the summer. I'm so excited for summer I can't hardly stand it. Actually, I'm more feeling like this young lady above; but once I get some cold, hard rest, I'll be appropriately excited.


{image via design crush}

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A little eerie

As I was perusing the fonts over at You Work for Them today (a little late to the party on that one, but it's been less than a year since I knew what a font was so I think I get a free pass), I came across this lovely thing:

The typeface is called Seaweed, and it's one of their many awesome hand-drawn fonts.

But now we come to the eerie part. For your consideration, the "logo" I made for the infographic piece I'm working on in my class, documenting the growing out of a bad haircut.



Drop that Cap

Ah, yes, finals time again. It's getting a little sparse up in here. I, for my part, am going to try to be a little better in the coming weeks than I have been, though, because I'm having to be all over the internet scouring for inspiration anyway, so I may as well share! Just came across this cute little video of Jessica Hische at the Semi Permanent Design Conference in Australia. She's so super talented, and only 25, AND- I've now learned- one of the cutest humans on the planet. See for yourself.

SP 2010 Speaker - Jessica Hische from Semi Permanent on Vimeo.