Monday, December 7, 2009

Dee and La La

I was so grateful to Erin from the Handmade Ho Down crew for solving the mystery of the letterpress company I'd spaced on identifying at the event. They're called Dee and Lala, and if I thought their HHD booth was great, their website is even better.

"Let it Glow" Chanukah card

"Naughty/Nice Fireplace" holiday card


whale cutting board that I SO wish weren't out of stock!

Fondue pot card ('cause why not??)

If you're down in LA, you might have seen them this past weekend at Unique LA. If you're up here by the bay, fear not- you haven't missed them! They'll be at the Bazaar Bizarre this weekend (so many amazing crafts, so little time!). I'm hoping to be there.....

...Furthermore, LOVING Erin's etsy shop,Eristotle. She uses vintage, upcycled, thrifted and eco-friendly materials whenever possible. These pillows especially are so great.

The Last Leaf pillow

Rustic Modern pillow

Great job to everyone on the HHD staff; that event was seriously amazing. Can't wait for round two!


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You Are My Fave said...

Ummm, I love every product in this post. Especially the fondue card. Because who doesn't like dipping things in melted goodness?