Thursday, April 30, 2009


Have you checked out this compilation of covers of songs by Merge Records artists? There's a whole lotta Superchunk getting covered in there, which isn't a bad thing. The St. Vincent/The National cover of Crooked Fingers' "Sleep All Summer," Apples in Stereo's cover of Neutral Milk Hotel's "King of Carrot Flowers pt 3," and Bill Callahan's "Santa Maria" are just SOME of my favorites. It's pretty fantastic.

Sleep All Summer - St. Vincent And The National

King Of Carrot Flowers Pt. 3 - The Apples In Stereo

Plenty Is Never Enough - The Shins

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Say Yes to Solvang!

Chris and I drove up to Solvang (wine country) to see his family, who are visiting from Massachusetts. I had only been there before for work, so it was a nice change.

My SECOND favorite style of Vans....

I love oxfords greatly, but what I've found on those who, like me, are shorter and have any curvature whatsoever, is that they can have a stumpifying quality. What I love about these and also the black patent F Troupes I recently procured (Oh boy, somebody stop me) is that they sort of combine the best of the oxford and ballet flat worlds. A little bit of lacehole, a little bit of visible foot...everybody wins. And I love this color. Thank you for your time.


Holey Moley

Liz made her own boiled-before-baked New York style bagels. If you don't live in the tri-state area, I have to think it's worth a try! (I know I'm going to.)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yesterday, we went on a scavenger hunt for some things for an exciting new venture that we promise to tell you about very soon, followed by a stroll through the old Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery (now artist lofts) for the bi-annual Brewery Art Walk.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Introducing...Enchanted Babies!

Behold our latest additions to the Enchanted Royals store... baby onesies and mini-cupcake shoes! Seen here on our favorite baby model (now a toddler), Willow!

The Princess Cupcake Onesie is a hand appliqued felt cupcake with hot pink frosting and chocolate cake on a lavender (or pink) 100% cotton baby rib short sleeve American Apparel onesie. For baby's first birthday, we will happily add a felt candle to the top of the cupcake (as seen above).

The Hamburger Onesie is a hand appliqued felt cheeseburger (with lettuce and tomato, natch!) on a white 100% cotton baby rib short sleeve American Apparel onesie.

The Little Princess Cupcake Shoes fit toddlers size 4 - 10, and kids size 10.5 - 3.5.  Perfect for tea parties, birthdays and dress-ups galore!  

Special thanks to Alice and Mark for their amazing styling/photographs of our baby clothes and shoes!

(photos by Terresa Burgess and Mark Whitney)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Fauntine would be proud"

Look, I'm as big a cynic as the next guy; some would say bigger. But you tell me if you make it through this without an iota of emotion (you tube doesn't seem to be allowing anyone to embed any version of this so you'll have to click the link):

Susan Boyle

(Thanks, Josh!)


The Echo Park Time Travel Mart

I've often driven or walked past the Echo Park Time Travel Mart , usually on my way to a venue or restaurant (ie long after closing time), and thought, "seriously, what the hell." Its front window features a caveman shaking hands with a robot!

It's really kind of shocking to me that I wasn't able to SOMEHOW deduce that this was of course the work of one Mr. Dave Eggers.

These amazing locations he's got springing up all over the place (perhaps the most famous is the Pirate Store in San Francisco) are for a great cause, so further perusal is a must!