Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lovah's Strolls

Lately, Chris and I have been taking afternoon and early evening hikes in Fryman Canyon, which is just a few blocks from his house. It's amazing to be in such flat, suburban surroundings, but simultaneously be just steps from all of this.


dusky hike with Chris; Fryman Canyon


dusky hike with Chris; Fryman Canyon

dusky hike with Chris; Fryman Canyon


Emoting Typographically

My return to school in SF is drawing near (one week tomorrow). This will mean a return to learning and working towards something I care about, but also means leaving my makeshift Californian second family behind, including the lovely guy I've spent the last 3 1/2 years with, AGAIN. Here's a sentiment I've been feeling, followed by a mantra I'm going to keep repeating.

{"Love Note #9" by Dawbis}

{print by Jen Renninger of Still Room Studio, not to be confused with the Still Room Studio I interned at this summer}


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There's More to Life

I don't generally go for graphics on tee shirts these days (unless it's stripes; lord knows I can't resist a stripe), but something about the typography, the sentiment and the color palette on this guy makes me a fan.

Available here in mens and womens sizes. The rest of their typographic tee shirts are great, too. I particularly like the yes/no combo pack.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Band Besties BBQ

This past weekend, Son Ark and Coyote hosted a "Band Besties BBQ" for, you know, besties...of the band. The lovely light notwithstanding, it was a raucous good time, the likes of which I hadn't experienced in some time. (There may or may not be photographic and video evidence of my participation in some serious singalongs....but that's another story, for another time.)




Robin perch

Greg and the light


hanging on the porch


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Love this video, which accompanies the awesome Radiolab episode titled Words from August 10th.



Oh boy. Madewell is fast moving its way up the totem pole to being in my top 2 mainstream clothing lines that I can generally afford. Classic pieces that I dare you to get sick of 5 years from now, but which somehow feel totally ahead of the curve.

I love the idea of an oversized chambray shirt, but if loose shirts aren't fitted in the sleeves they swallow me whole, so if I want to subscribe to something like this, it needs to have a closer fitting sleeve. Madewell's all over it.

I'm not a leather jacket person, nor do I have a spare $350, but if I were, this would be the one I would get.

Today I got a blouse that apparently has sold out so quickly, it's already off the webstore, despite it being part of the early fall collection. I'm trying to reign it in pretty tight on my clothing purchases, but this one's a keeper. The closest approximation I've seen of late is the above photo by The Sartorialist that I saw on Unruly Things.

As I believe I've lamented/breathed a sigh of relief about in the past, there isn't a San Francisco location, and there aren't any immediate plans to change that. They do have a webstore, though!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Desert Boots and Slouchy Socks

These past two fall/winter seasons have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm a desert boot convert. My first was a grey pair by Opening Ceremony; the second happened...come to think of it, in early spring this year in an "emergency" purchase at Crew Cuts (basically, I drove to LA for spring break and left my bag that had all my closed toe shoes and toiletries in it back in SF. Early March, even in LA, calls for some closed-toe shoes. And yeah, I said Crew Cuts- an advantage of being a size 6 is that you also fit into boys' size 4, which is often cheaper).
At any rate, I'm definitely in the market for new ways to wear them. I love these ideas from the JCrew lookbook. I think this might just be the year I'm gutsy enough to try it out.



In less than a month, I'll be heading back up to San Francisco for my second of three years of grad school. Thinking about this impending return, compounded by a Design Boom article a classmate shared on Facebook, made me want to share this San Franciscan art piece by Brian Goggin, first installed in 1997.

I've only seen it once in passing, at night, but now I'm dying to go back and have a second look.

{all photos by Steve Rhodes}


Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Invite

Jess and Eric's adorable wedding invites

"Oh, what's that? You think our invites are cute? HAHAHA have a look at our  RSVP cards!!!"

Our good friends Eric and Jess are getting married in October, and we just received invitations a few days ago. They're too cute not to share. Each invite is printed on paper-thin wood, and hand illustrated and designed by our buddy Monica. And just when you think the invitations can't get any cuter, you take a look at the RSVP cards. The chicken, meat, and vegetarian icons kill me. Congrats, J+E!



Steven Alan Online Sale

You may have noticed a drop in posting frequency over the last few months; there's probably a number of reasons for this, but mostly it's just that both of our lives are a little hectic and all over the place these days. We will certainly be keeping up the posting, but it will probably be slightly on the lighter side, as it's been, unless things change. Thanks for continuing to check in! We promise to make it worth your while.

That said, I'd like to now turn your attention to the Steven Alan sale online. I've often felt that if I lived in one of those bizarro worlds where money were no object for clothing, a great deal of my everyday wardrobe would be comprised of Steven Alan, APC, and Costume National. Occasionally, when I'm in LA, I stop into the Steven Alan Outpost and try on a million things. Sometimes I talk myself into one great piece, particularly if it's on sale, but generally speaking it's just for fun/torture. It's always events like this that I pretty much have to shield my eyes from...but it doesn't always hurt to look!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

365 update

My stylist boss has left the country for 2 weeks, which gives me time to intern at my seriously
delightful and inspiring internship, and to catch up on uploading my entries into my 365 photo project.
Here's some of what's been going on this summer so far.