Friday, December 4, 2009

The Handmade Ho-Down

Handmade Ho-Down

Handmade Ho-Down

Last night, my friend Kate and I braved some sketchiness in SOMA to attend the first-ever Etsy craft fair in San Francisco: The Handmade Ho-down. It was equal parts amazing and completely overwhelming; there were 3 floors filled to the brim with vendors, all of whom have Etsy stores. There were SO MANY PEOPLE there that it was kind of difficult to concentrate on how awesome everything was; hopefully the event was a financial success for all these intrepid Etsy-ers.
I did have a few favorites. I don't know if I'm developing a specific affinity towards it or if maybe some of the rest of the stuff just happened to fall on the Regretsy side of the spectrum and so I had no choice to be drawn to it, but the majority of business cards/photos I took were for letterpress companies.

Handmade Ho-Down: Design des Troy

Design des Troy was so lovely, and they are my newest bookmarked blog (love!). I love the font on this holiday card; it's used a lot in the latest issue of Uppercase, and I can't seem to find it. Kate and I also loved these skull and crossbones holiday cards; she pointed out that they would be perfect for Robin and Jessi (mom of Lily, thrower of the infamous Pirate's Tea Party 3rd birthday last month).

Handmade Ho-Down
Handmade Ho-Down

Loved these two companies, but I FORGOT TO GET A CARD from the one in the top photo, and the girls from the bottom photo forgot to bring cards. Anyone know who these are?

All the photos I took in the Noteify booth came out blurry, but check them out for yourselves; really cute.

Handmade Ho-Down: Jon Carling

Jon Carling had me at the giant whale illustration, but the rest of his prints are pretty great, too.

Handmade Ho-Down: Sweet Meats

I LITERALLY could not stop smiling when I was over at the Sweet Meats booth. I mean, some things are just here on this earth for the express purpose of making your mouth hurt from smiling so hard.

Needless to time had by all. I am poor (yes Dara, we get it), and so I could not support them monetarily...but that's your job! Go support Etsy and the economy!



Owen Troy said...

Thanks for the kind writeup and glad you like the blog. The type on our happy holidays card (and used in Uppercase) is called Mary Read and, not sure about the goodie gumdrops cardmaker but the folk art style one is Dutch Door Press.

Best, Owen Troy (Design des Troy / theexpertsagree )

Haley said...

This must have been loads of fun, and I hope these shows gain in popularity!!

Haley Wulfman

jim dandy said...

Glad you enjoyed our show so much! We are already planning the next one!

Love your photographs of the event, and would love your permission in using them in the future.

Your blog is very beautiful as well. Nice to meet you!

Rebecca Gatanis
Owner, Jim Dandy's
Handmdade Ho Down (Too Live) Crew

Enchanted Royals said...

Why, thanks....please feel free! There are more photos on my flickr.