Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Subterranean Country Club

I have most decidedly arrived in SF. I will be documenting the settling-in process and decorating shenanigans that have ensued thus far in great detail, but for now, let us shift our focus momentarily.
Chris and our friend Kate have begun plans to found a unique non-profit artist's spiritual retreat (this may or may not be the most accurate way to describe what they're going to do) called the Subterranean Country Club. It's going to be pretty much beyond amazing- the ideas that I've been lucky enough to be privy to thus far are so exciting and inspiring, I can't even get into it.

Their first fundraiser is going to be held on Saturday, September 19th at 2PM- it's an overnight camping event that will go to Sunday. It's called the Orange Holiday Social.

There is a great deal of mystery and conjecture surrounding the event, but I can reveal to you that it will involve camping in a secluded part of Fremont Peak State Park (about a 2 hour drive from San Francisco, near Monterey), a magical hike, and some musical surprises that I really don't think anyone should miss.
Anyone and everyone is invited. That means you. There aren't supposed to be more than 60 people at the event, but like-minded outsiders are encouraged and we are holding a few spots for that exact purpose, so please email me or leave a comment if you'd like more information.
You can be sure that there will be photographic evidence of the event posted right here for your viewing pleasure, but there's nothing quite like experiencing magic like this in person.
hearts from SF,

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