Sunday, September 6, 2009

Apartment Therapy SF

my street corner
favorite mural next to the apartment that got away
front door
bike family
I've been here in San Francisco for a few days now. The settling in process has been pretty smooth, thanks to my handful of lovely close friends up here who have gone above and beyond the call of welcome-wagon duty already. I'm learning the ins and outs of my neighborhood, and coming to grips with the fact that I'm definitely going to need to get more comfortable with my bike (shouldn't be too much of a problem, based on my roommate's bike aficionado status- see my above photo). The apartment itself is sloooowly coming together (today's Ikea trip and Tuesday's Target trek, along with a craig's list or thrift store purchase of a lovey dining room table, should seal the deal), and I've been scouring Apartment Therapy in a serious way. Some recent favorites:
"Lisa and Clay's Artsy and Calm Collaboration"

Definitely will be utilizing the long shelf with resting frames idea in our living room.
"Rhiannon and Victor's First 'Grown Up' Home"

"Before & After: Setting Up the Kitchen"

(Note: the photos from Cassie's apartment aren't from Apartment Therapy directly, but were on her Flickr page, which Apartment Therapy linked me to. Check out all her apartment photos there.)

And then there's school....I've had one class so far, and let me just say, it's already quite exciting. I'm still taking it all in myself, so stay tuned.....

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Anonymous said...

amazing inspiration here.. gorgeous. Thank you! We're feathering our nest, picking new art etc.. this is lovely! xo