Thursday, June 11, 2009

"We're going to eat gas."

Last night, Chris and I were trying to decide which of my movies to watch (because Netflix totally dropped the ball and lost my most recent movie in the mail), and after acknowledging that I ceased to find buying movies necessary after the year 2000 (it appears as though Memento was my most recent purchase), we settled on Reality Bites, which I consider to be a paragon of mid-90's filmmaking. I've seen it maybe 70 times; he's seen it never. After overcoming the deep and intense frustration of having the DVD skip and eventually roll over and die just as the "In Your Face TV" version of Lelaina's documentary is about to be screened (my disc is a goner, I'm afraid), it sank in that Winona's looking pretty adorable in this movie. It became ever clearer how much 90's fashion is purveying our present-day lives; particularly when Chris saw the black trouser/white blouse outfit below and responded, "What's with the ugly pants?" (I totally covet that outfit.) There's some serious ugliness in there too (each generation has its own humiliating fashion crosses to bear), but overall, cuteness prevails, no?

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