Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On that note....

Recently, while I was assisting on a shoot dressing Karen O, we were able to snatch up some Brian Lichtenberg pieces at the last minute (he is a huge fan of hers, and actually drove the pieces to our office for us himself that morning- an unprecedented move!) Unpacking the large wooden horn headpiece was fairly mindboggling, to say nothing of the ultra high heels covered in floor length human hair, Lhasa Apsos style. The skirt with the head on it, which my boss tenderly called "our pet" for the rest of the job, was my favorite. (I took a picture of it with my cameraphone and sent it to Chris with the caption, "This is a SKIRT!!!") There's something so exciting about clothes that don't take themselves remotely seriously, that were created purely to jumpstart your imagination. But most of all, these pieces pumped me up in a serious way for this:

Much fun.
Brian Lichtenberg, via here.

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