Friday, June 12, 2009

going off the deep end

So...not to be a whiny shopper- and let's just preface this by acknowledging that I neither need nor can afford yet another pair of shoes- but Lucky Magazine this month offered this great deal on the below Dolce Vita shoes:

Except in the magazine, where it's cobalt blue, it is instead a sort of hammered gunmetal. Which, to me, way better. But they're nowhere to be found! What gives, Dolce V? Where be the gunmetal?
End transmission on completely unnecessary procrastinatory rant. Have a relaxing weekend! We have a huuuuuuge one ahead of us, involving tarot card readings, seeing the incomparable Neko Case, going to a screening in the Hollywood Forever cemetary of "Funny Girl," and a Sunday activity which I will not yet divulge but will mark the start of some very awesome new Enchanted Royals developments! Stay tuned.....

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