Thursday, June 11, 2009

Marchin' To The Beat of Her Own Drum...

Dancing Critters from Haley Thompson on Vimeo.

Our childhood was well documented, thanks to my father and his trusty 8mm camera. Over the years, it has been a grueling process to transfer all of our dying VHS tapes into digital files, in an attempt to salvage what little picture/sound quality is left. 

Of all the memories he captured, the above clip is my all time favorite, as my little sister steals the show with her precious moves.  No inhibitions whatsoever, she truly marches to the beat of her own drum, which is something I have always admired about her.  Now that my baby sis is all growed up, she continues to inspire with her adventurous spirit and an infectious joie de vivre. 
Love you Mowchie : )

~ Haley


Of Course the Fish Are Dead said...

I watched this over breakfast this morning... what a fantastic way to start the day! I'm going to incorporate throwing my hands blissfully in the air into my work day.

eggsquirrel said...

excuse me. this is amazing.