Sunday, August 16, 2009

Magnum Desire's trip to the Viceroy

I'm moving to San Francisco in less than 2 weeks; with or without an apartment. To commemorate this strange, strange time, Carol, Haley and I took a 1 night vacation to the Viceroy, an intense beach-side Santa Monica hotel that's less than an hour drive from our homes. It was a memorable weekend with two irreplaceable ladies.
Haley gets ready WHAT IS THIS LIGHTING.
Haley takes in the view
Paris 1900
fancy martinis
shield mirror
"sweetbreads": what the server called these.
Enchanted Royals and Marais USA


Of Course the Fish Are Dead said...

EEeeeee!! I shall ne'r forget it.

Princess Cupcake said...

100% pure LOVE! ah ha!

jamie said...

Pretty Girls doing pretty things! So lovely! xo