Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Enjoy Cupcakes

So, you know. You're camping at the top of a mountain, at the base of which rests Neverland Ranch and the winery town of Los Olivos. You're going to do two things; take pictures of the crazy posterboard offerings in front of Michael Jackson's secluded former home (see fig A), and you're going to attend some wine tastings.
couldn't/wouldn't make it up if I tried.
(fig A)
So we headed to Los Olivos. The first place on the agenda was called "House," an adorable little boutique wine tastery (©Dara Weinberg 2009) that boasts a highly covetable decor and shares its space with the potentially even more adorable Enjoy Cupcakes. Kevin, who was very sweet, allowed us to take photos to our hearts' delight, and there was even a CUPCAKE TASTING (which Haley participated in but which I, woefully, missed out on).
at Enjoy Cupcakes in Los Olivos
at Enjoy Cupcakes in Los Olivos
There are some pretty wild flavors, like Chocolate Blackberry Syrah and Vanilla Marscapone Chardonnay (they are surrounded on all sides by wine tasteries, after all). How delicious do they look?? If you're ever channeling "Sideways" in that neck of the California woods, I HIGHLY recommend.
More info here.

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