Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Today, as I strolled from my house to my boss's (which is about the distance I hope to live from public transport in San Francisco) with my messenger-style Apple-store-issued computer bag slung across my body, I realized I'm going to need to find a bag that helps me out a bit on the equilibrium front - and that is maybe a little better-looking. This brings me to a whole new sector of back-to-school fever that I really hadn't considered: What kind of backpack should I get??
In this corner, we have a bag from the new Jansport Heritage Collection (thanks, miel et cannelle).

Very minimal and vintage-inspired; and really, who can argue with Jansport?
In THIS corner, we have the ever-present Fjallraven backpack (thank YOU, for me, for you and creatures of comfort!).

Also clean and vintagey; though how I would ever decide between putty, graphite, and forest green as a color is beyond me.
So perhaps we ought to turn to Etsy.

This little lovely (here) is a mere $40; though I'm not sure how well the vintage canvas would stand up to inclement San Franciscan weather.
Finally, we've got your Duluth Pack daypack (I already use the standard shell bag as a daily purse).

They have a backpack that's specifically designed for laptops, too, but I don't know that I can swing $155 right now.

So...what say you, friends? Opinions? Suggestions? I open this highly important topic for discussion.



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thecommissionerj said...

the $155 one is Heinsville, FL! don't do it! I also like fjord one.