Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz boardwalk

Elena + ice cream = joy

sea swings ride


are we in Oregon?

eggs. from the chickens in their yard. whatever.

<3 Thank you two for a fantastic!

veggies. They were as perfect as they look. I ate the hell out of that piece of broccoli right there.


tiki lantern and barn door

three years is too long

Some of my SF lady friends and I took a little drive down to Santa Cruz on Sunday and checked out the boardwalk (perfect amount of cheese), and then were treated to delicious burgers and grilled veggies at the new, idyllic SC home (let's just say they have egg-laying hens in their backyard) of an old college friend, whose boyfriend is about to start working towards his phd. An unexpectedly perfect day.

{final photo courtesy of Elena's flickr, taken on her iphone}


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