Sunday, September 19, 2010

Enchanted Vision

Right on schedule, school has gotten the best of my ability to keep up with our little land of bloggy goodness. I'd like to take this moment to express Haley and my collective excitement: our latest short film, Enchanted Vision, the one we've been squealing about for over a year now, is finally- FINALLY- ready to be revealed. We will be screening it at the Saluting Shorts event at the Echo Park Film Center at 1200 North Alvarado this Sunday, September 26th. It starts at 8 PM, and the best part is that admission is free! Of course, if you can't make it, we will be sharing with the internet world soon enough. We're so excited to finally be able to reveal the fruits of our collective labor. Nothing like working with your friends!

The outdoor bedroom!

Enchanted Schoolgirls

Princess Cupcake spies


new shoes


post-blow up

Haley Comet just wrote Aspen Twee a hilarious note

<3 I think the Duchess has a crush on the Captain.

uh..........giant cupcake. may or may not have grown out of the ground.



Kate said...

Oh man! I wanna see this!! I'll be in Ohio on that date. When/where can I see the video another time?

Enchanted Royals said...

We're going to be sharing it with the internet very soon! You're adorable in it, can't wait for you to see :)