Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Apple Scruffs

Right around my freshman year of college, someone played the song "Apple Scruffs" by George Harrison for me for the first time, and for a few years after that it was always on heavy rotation. It's perfect for fall walks through Boston, particularly when you're in that particularly cocoon-like world that college is. Clearly it didn't have much to do with the lyrics, which are about some hardcore Beatles fans who garnered that semi-affectionate nickname; it's kind of a more ineffable thing. Somehow, the song got away from me (probably I overplayed it), and I hadn't really thought about it for a few years. These things come back to you at the most opportune times, though; this Sunday a few of us girls took a trip to Santa Cruz (photos to come), and while having a great meal in our friends' ridiculously idyllic backyard, someone put on a George Harrison record and the song came on. Welcome back, heavy rotation.

{ps- I know the video's sort of silly, but it was easier than trying to figure out how to embed a music player right now. Just close your eyes and listen.}


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