Monday, August 9, 2010

Steven Alan Online Sale

You may have noticed a drop in posting frequency over the last few months; there's probably a number of reasons for this, but mostly it's just that both of our lives are a little hectic and all over the place these days. We will certainly be keeping up the posting, but it will probably be slightly on the lighter side, as it's been, unless things change. Thanks for continuing to check in! We promise to make it worth your while.

That said, I'd like to now turn your attention to the Steven Alan sale online. I've often felt that if I lived in one of those bizarro worlds where money were no object for clothing, a great deal of my everyday wardrobe would be comprised of Steven Alan, APC, and Costume National. Occasionally, when I'm in LA, I stop into the Steven Alan Outpost and try on a million things. Sometimes I talk myself into one great piece, particularly if it's on sale, but generally speaking it's just for fun/torture. It's always events like this that I pretty much have to shield my eyes from...but it doesn't always hurt to look!


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