Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Desert Boots and Slouchy Socks

These past two fall/winter seasons have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm a desert boot convert. My first was a grey pair by Opening Ceremony; the second happened...come to think of it, in early spring this year in an "emergency" purchase at Crew Cuts (basically, I drove to LA for spring break and left my bag that had all my closed toe shoes and toiletries in it back in SF. Early March, even in LA, calls for some closed-toe shoes. And yeah, I said Crew Cuts- an advantage of being a size 6 is that you also fit into boys' size 4, which is often cheaper).
At any rate, I'm definitely in the market for new ways to wear them. I love these ideas from the JCrew lookbook. I think this might just be the year I'm gutsy enough to try it out.


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