Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Oh boy. Madewell is fast moving its way up the totem pole to being in my top 2 mainstream clothing lines that I can generally afford. Classic pieces that I dare you to get sick of 5 years from now, but which somehow feel totally ahead of the curve.

I love the idea of an oversized chambray shirt, but if loose shirts aren't fitted in the sleeves they swallow me whole, so if I want to subscribe to something like this, it needs to have a closer fitting sleeve. Madewell's all over it.

I'm not a leather jacket person, nor do I have a spare $350, but if I were, this would be the one I would get.

Today I got a blouse that apparently has sold out so quickly, it's already off the webstore, despite it being part of the early fall collection. I'm trying to reign it in pretty tight on my clothing purchases, but this one's a keeper. The closest approximation I've seen of late is the above photo by The Sartorialist that I saw on Unruly Things.

As I believe I've lamented/breathed a sigh of relief about in the past, there isn't a San Francisco location, and there aren't any immediate plans to change that. They do have a webstore, though!


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