Tuesday, June 29, 2010

....and you may ask yourself.....

This weekend was inordinately milestone-y. I came to New Jersey to be in the wedding of one of my very besties from high school, Karima, and kept the party rolling right through Sunday with a visit to another high school bestie, Jeff's, days-old baby boy, Isaac.

beautiful wedding cake that matched the letterpressed invitations and centerpieces, which featured a card with a different story about Karima and Jack at every table.

With the exception of our one pair of high-school-sweetheart friends who got married right after college and immediately proceeded to have 2 adorable baby girls, it was the first of my close high school friends to get married with a full-on ceremony and reception, and the first to have a baby. This being the 10-year anniversary of our graduation, I guess these events shouldn't have been so mindblowing to me, but mindblowing they were. Quite an amazing weekend.



Kate said...

I love these photos. I wish I was Indian and had an Indian themed wedding..ughhh

Enchanted Royals said...

Thanks Kate! We're excited about your impending nuptuals! I was actually thinking about profiling your AMAZING invitation here (I've shown a few people, and terms like "best thing I've ever seen" have been bandied about).
Karima's half Pakistani, so the Mendhi (the night before, where most of these pics are from) was entrenched in the Pakistani Muslim tradition, and the actual wedding the following day was completely secular. It was really beautiful.