Thursday, July 1, 2010



Red Hook, Brooklyn (note Statue of Liberty, if you get excited about that sort of thing)

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Niki and Lucas


I had to stay an extra week on the east coast because of a root canal (in the world's biggest stroke of luck, I developed a giant toothache right before I came to New Jersey, rather than in California- so my dad was able to fix it for me! Hooray for free and amazingly painless dental work). This seemed like an inconvenience at first, dental pain notwithstanding, but it was definitely a blessing in disguise. I was able to head into New York and catch up with some friends (a fun night at the Frying Pan followed by delicious brunch and a stroll around Red Hook, Brooklyn), and then get some face time in with my cousin's two adorable kids, Jack and Lucas (Lucas is 6 months old and gorgeous, and Jack, almost 3, remembers and totally wants to hang out with me after not having seen me for 6 months- talk about a kid in tune with what's going on around him!) in their insanely beautiful New Jersey home.

Oh, east coast. I miss ye.


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