Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swedish Hasbeens

The Swedish Hasbeens High Heel Jodphur boot is kind of freaking me out.

It's tantalizingly close to being in a price range where if I found it somewhere obscure on sale (I found a plum pair for $200), I'd be able to justify lightening my (miniscule) savings' load just a bit, due to the fact that I CANNOT find a pair of black boots that I like and are not from Target (I love you, Target, but you sadly are not built to last).

I think they're adorable, but what about in person? And I know they're made by the inventors of ergonomic foot technology, but as a stringent non-heel-wearer, will I be able to handle them?

Things that are really important to think about in late February with no income. (note: Carol makes the astute point that "the only thing worse than the word clog is the word jodphur.")


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