Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A dalliance into hair discussion.

I'll be brief.

Last night, I had a dream I was having a conversation with someone where I likened my haircut to a "bad marriage you can't divorce." Disclaimer: my haircut isn't THAT BAD. But back in October, I experienced a razory nightmare of a haircut that pretty much left me shrouded in knit hat for the duration of time up to now.
Michelle Williams is one of my main go-to hair inspirations. Currently, out of necessity, my hair sort of looks like this:

Except with shorter, and in my humble opinion, not entirely flattering bangs. Slash I don't know that this is a haircut I would have ever chosen for myself (face shape etc), but it will probably do the "let's get through the awkward hair growing out phase with some semblance of dignity" job with reasonable aplomb.
What I believe I'm going for, someday,is something along the lines of this, but probably with the hair short in back:

Kind of like a permanent tendril-y chignon.

At any rate, that's enough of that...you know how dreams can be. Do you have any hair quandaries/fantasies?

(PS, April, if you're out there: take note of M.W's cropped hair circa 2006)

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