Friday, November 13, 2009

Molly M Designs

About a month ago (back when I still had dollars to spend and I was giddy with new-apartmentness), I placed an order for 4 of Molly M designs' lasercut prints. I waited and waited....until I discovered they had been sent to my old address in LA. Way to not change your address on paypal, D-Town. So I FINALLY brought them back with me after my visit this weekend and hung them up yesterday afternoon. I love how they look all in a row!
Finally, art above the bed

Kate at For Me, For You did a post today about them as well....definitely have a look, because there's more geometric awesomeness where that came from, AND they're available in smaller and larger sizes. Which is to say nothing of her lasercut jewelry.

Molly M Designs


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Maggie said...

Molly M is just fantastic--I just ordered one of her teeny prints and I love it so!