Saturday, October 24, 2009

quick and easy Halloween costume ideas

I'm not entirely convinced that I'm doing anything for Halloween this year, though if I do, I plan on going as the Utz potato chip girl:

ie wear my hair the way it usually is, MAYBE blowing it straight if I'm feeling saucy, sticking a bow on my head, red dots on my cheeks, wearing a red cap sleeve dress I already own, and buying a bag of Utz potato chips to carry around/snack on all night. For a former costume designer, not particularly impressive, but no one in San Francisco needs to know/cares. Also, it's in keeping with my apparent total aversion to all costumes pop-culture related.
The quick and easy Halloween costume list on Refinery 29 is pretty funny, but my personal favorite is the Mac spinning beach ball:

Any other exciting costume ideas?

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