Monday, July 13, 2009

Enchanted Babies: 100% Organic!

We are happy to announce that Enchanted Royals now carries all organic cotton baby onesies! The colors are much more rich and the fabric is oh so soft. The Princess Cupcake onesie now comes in ultra-violet, and the Hamburger Onesie comes in natural, from the 100% organic baby line at American Apparel. Due to the change over, we can no longer offer the Princess Cupcake onesie in pink... But fear not, we're considering replacing that with the pomegranate colored organic option, which is a rich raspberry. And we do have a few sizes left in pink, so if you're a fan, hurry before they all run out!

Also, a new baby onesie design (inspired by some of our other products) is soon to be revealed that is both unisex and uber-adorable! Stay tuned for more details and when they'll be available on the web-store :)

(photo by Mark Whitney)

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