Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are you going to San Francisco?

(photo by me; reason for inclusion unclear)

I will be heading to San Fran in about a half an hour for my first round of apartment hunting. A friend that's looking for places with me and I had a bit of a discouraging bump in the road when a great-seeming couple backed out of living with us, but if my life hasn't indicated to me that things are more likely than not to fall into place, then I'm not sure what it has done. I'm excited and terrified and will most certainly keep you apprised of the outcome. I hope all you lovelies are having a great week!


Princess Cupcake said...

Hang in there lady!
You are destined for greatness, in your living situation (hello, look at all the castles you've lived in thus far!) and life in general.

thecommissionerj said...

I would like to personally thank you for my new cheese doodle wallpaper. kudos (ironically).