Tuesday, July 28, 2009

moving on up

I went apartment hunting in San Francisco last week. It was really too early to find a place for September 1, but I did get a good idea of which neighborhoods I like/are logistically possible while remaining near public transport/are financially feasible. So that's a start.
Tiffany Ave
Paper Cranes!
Tiffany Ave
could've been my backyard
San Francisco feels like a complete 180 from Los Angeles right now...very exciting. But I'm starting to feel a preemptive homesickness for the city that's taken me somewhat by surprise. It's obviously 90% based in how much I will miss the incredibly talented, driven, and fun people I've surrounded myself with here. But maybe, just maybe, there is something about LA after all. Or maybe I'm romanticizing (not something I EVER do, right?). Trepidation and excitement have been tempering each other enough to bring me to a fairly balanced state for now...we'll see how I feel once I'm all moved in.
1 month left......



mieletcannelle said...

I'm holding my breath too.. we rented our place sight unseen, except by an ex boyriend of a friend who made sure it didn't have like.. racoons. *sigh* My fingers are crossed for you!

Tamia said...

I've been dying to visit San Francisco and am considering a move if I like the area. Can you recommend specific areas I should visit?
I've been checking Craigslist but don't know the difference between Walnut Creek and Fairmont to save my life...