Thursday, January 15, 2009

Warm Air Telegraph

Chris and I have been talking about recording some new songs and also re-recording some of the old that he wrote for Warm Air Telegraph, his music project that I sing and play the occasional keyboard for. Those discussions coupled with a need to do a completely new design spawned the flying telephone shoes.

When I drew the cover for the album we made a few years back, Chris would send me texts or call me with random images he thought should be incorporated....a bunch of hot air balloons; a giant snail; a flying telephone. The telephone became a sort of logo for the band, showing up enlarged on the inside cover and as a stamp on each of the CDs. We always said that if we ever made a t shirt for the band, it would have the flying telephone.
And so, in honor of the future of Warm Air Telegraph, I bring you...the flying telephone!

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