Monday, April 12, 2010

Stella McCartney for GAP kids

An unexpected situation popped up 2 weeks ago that pulled me away from SF for a week. Sorry for the blogging lull....

So today, on my way to pick up my monthly BART pass, I passed the GAP. In the window were tons of adorable children wearing equally adorable clothes, which I soon discovered were Stella McCartney's 2nd collaboration with GAP kids (the first was last year...apparently there was a highly coveted military jacket. I was clearly asleep that month). As it happens, if you are a size 0-6 adult (according to GAP; I'm going to say it's more like a 0-4 at most), you'll fit into their largest sizes. To me, unless you're my height (5'3"ish) and have literally nary a scrap of fat on your hips, the pants and shorts aren't going to work. The tops and dresses, however, are completely doable. What I got:

I love the longer sleeves on the boy's t shirt (they hit midway down my upper arms; which come to think of it are famous for being excessively long so they might hit almost at the elbow on most people), which I immediately put on as soon as I got back home; and the muted color on the ruffled blouse is great. I can't find the picture of the cute little redhead girl wearing it in the window online, but if you pass it, you'll know.

Other awesomeness I did not partake in:



Kate said...

I want that dress. Badly.

Frances said...

I think I've seen that ruffled blouse at a store last week. These Stella McCartney kids designer clothes you posted all look great by the way!