Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Smitten

I was poking around Little Paper Planes when I came across an old favorite, I'm Smitten. Ashley's work has been an inspiration to me since early college. The site has changed very little since then, and truly, it doesn't have to. It's really beautiful and ethereal and mildly disconcerting. It's really exactly what I think Enchanted Royals has always gone for, tone-wise- particularly in our videos. I saw this new print:

Can't quite afford the 20x20 print these days (as though I had the wall space!) so I went for the 6x6 $5 greeting card instead. Just as frameable! All of her original, beloved humans-with-animal-heads prints, tee shirts and tote bags are still available. It's definitely worth a look. Particularly since once you make your purchase, a little girl with wings for arms appears on the screen and says, out loud, "Thank you!"


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