Thursday, April 2, 2009

Got my Vans on...

Last week, we were delighted to no end when Nikki, who handles online communications at Vans, contacted us with an invite to attend their Vans Girls catalog shoot! Held in the back yard of an Echo Park home, part of the photo/video shoot centered around a mini skate ramp (our crappy camera failed to capture the skaters showing off their moves, but did manage to pick up the life-sized Vans logo created for the shoot).

Needless to say, the clothes/shoes were to die for... much too many lust worthy items to count, making us all the more anxious for the day they hit the stores!

The folks at Vans were incredibly kind and so cool. We were truly in our own little heaven on earth for a night!

Nikki and Nicole, designer of Vans Girls apparel...

Lindsey, a super talented photographer who gave Dara lots of great tips on San Francisco.

Best part of all... Nikki featured Enchanted Royals with an interview on the Vans blog, Off The Wall, which covers the ever-expanding community of Vans enthusiasts. You can read the interview here. Thanks to all the amazing ladies at Vans!

-Haley and Dara


Anonymous said...

You guys make the coolest shoes~~~

rachellovespeace said...

that looks like an awesome time! ☺