Friday, February 20, 2009

Much delayed

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

It's been far too long! We do have an excuse; life has been quite a whirlwind for us girls this last month. Firstly, my trip to San Francisco was an overall success.
I drove the 6 hour drive by myself, listening to The Reader on CD (nothing like a harrowing tale rife with Holocaust-related themes to brighten a lengthy night drive, right?) and stopping only once for a bite of grilled cheese at the Peach Tree Cafe.

They really, REALLY like thermoses and lunchboxes. And I mean, who can argue?

I'd gotten new Oliver Peoples glasses mere moments before beginning my drive up (thank goodness- driving long hours at night in contacts is a bit of a scary, blurry mess), so I wore them most of the weekend. Perhaps a bit too excited about my first new pair of glasses since sophomore year of college...I kept going into frame stores all over San Fran to see if there was another great pair. Oh boy.

I stayed with my college "heterosexual lifemate," Laura. Laura and I were roommates for a year and a half of college, and besties extraordinaires. She lived in LA for a little while also before her job at a certain unnamed online networking community took her up to San Fran. It was great to hang out with her and her wonderful boyfriend, who works with her and lives down the street.

The school itself was pretty amazing. I got to see examples of graduate work (completely inspiring and of course utterly daunting- boy do I have a lot of learning to do when it comes to using Illustrator and Photoshop!) and meet with an advisor. I also got to see the fashion department....if I still were pursuing a fashion-related career, Ithat would be a pretty exciting place to be, as well. Their program looks pretty fantastic. The tools at your disposal are certainly inspiring- most exciting for me was a device that you plug a hand-drawn pattern into, and out comes a machine-woven knit featuring your design! (No pictures allowed on the tour! Definitely disappointing.)

I got to hang out with my other friend in San Fran, Elena, during my last night there. We had insanely amazing fries at a place on Valencia and she did a great job of talking me into a frenzy of excitement about the city that I will hopefully be a citizen of come fall.

Luckily, my drive home wasn't quite as lonely as my drive up; Chris's best high school bud, Dave, decided to take the trip down for the weekend, so I had a road trip buddy!

This sign was outside his second-story apartment.

All in all, quite an eventful trip. Haley's experience in Aspen was no less insane, but I'll let her tell you!!

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