Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Apartment

Oh boy, am I ready to free myself of this empty, empty place! The beautiful (excluding the ugly carpet), memory-filled apartment I've called home for nearly 5 years has truly been reduced to a shell of its former, glorious self. We're talking a bed in a white box. Sunday, all will be cleared out, and it will be time to move on to bigger and better things- such as Los Feliz!

I'm so overcome with excitement about moving into the fantastic house across the street from the Enchanted Royals tree (the one that makes up our homepage- talk about meant to be!) that I can't help but buy tons of art. Some of my purchases:

from hisss:

(found these because Alyson from unruly things posted this amazingness- not for me, but I could think of about a million people who would obsess over this guy for hours!)

I'm also very excited about my new Keep Calm poster from Keep Calm Gallery. (I'm buying it in yellow.) They're based in England, so I have yet to get the final shipping price quote, but I love that it comes in a great, ornate frame to juxtapose the stark typography. Man o man, decorating overdrive.....

All of this illustrated amazingness makes me so excited for Haley and my upcoming project involving our Aspen trees.(Not to mention a new development that just appeared on the horizon that has us bouncing off the walls! Updates on all that soon to come.)

Be on the lookout- it's going to be lovely.

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