Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh, hello again.


{My duck-bootied feet in my NJ backyard last Christmas break}

Greetings from San Francisco Airport!

So....drips and drabs in early fall and a recent gorgeous film update courtesy of Haley aside, it's been a pretty empty showing over here in ER-ville. Haley is- no surprise- kept crazy busy being a successful editress down in SoCal. And as for me...let's just say that graduate school unveils new and fascinating ways to beat me to a bloody pulp with every passing semester. Of course, like any true academic masochist, I love (most) every minute of it.

That said, I have a few weeks of vacation time ahead of me. While this winter break isn't going to be quite the carefree romp through the snow that last year's was (I must, by the end of break, do that which I have been dreading for the last year and a half: come up with a cogent, viable thesis proposal to present at my midpoint review next semester), I would still like to take this opportunity to punch in over here in Enchanted Royal land and share some of the things that have inspired and excited me over the last few sleep-deprived months. We'll also be getting our website back up and running (the Big Cartel store is still full speed ahead).

So, hello again; and happy holidays from Enchanted Royals!


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